Black Man in Europe:  The Novel

"Who would have ever thought that a boy from East Oakland by way of Assumption Parish, would come face to face with his dream?"

Black Man in Europe:  The Novel

What begins as a planned three month hiatus from a frustrating American culture turns into an odyssey of unexpected travels, adventures, friendships, and perceptive observations into the European way of life.

Black Man in Europe is a story of what can happen when a man on a free-spirited journey explores the inter-workings of the world of cafes, hostels, train rides and stimulating dialogue with his Western European counterparts.


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  • "A totally unique spin on that oh-so-American rite of passage, the European vacation.  Nathan Jones gives us a Europe that many of us do not get to see -the continent seen through the eyes of an educated, American-born Black man.  Europe has never looked better."   ~ Shawn Taylor, author of Big Black Penis:  Misadventures in Race and Masculinity and People's Instinctive Travels And The Path of Rhythm
  • "Mr. Jones writes with beautiful imagery, and intelligent word play.   He allows the reader to accompany him on his travels, and we are rewarded for the journey.   Black Man in Europe is passionate, poetic, and profound..."  ~ Naru Kwina, Hip Learning Project
  • "Nathan Jones speaks his truth like no one else.   A true original with something to say.   Love him or leave him alone."  ~ D. Scot Miller, author of Knot Frum Hear
  • "Taking his rightful place in the paths of life and literature trod by Richard Wright, James Baldwin, and Chester Himes, Nathan A. Jones tells the prelude to a tale of an African-American expatriate in Europe a half-century after the second wave of the Black American invasion of the Continent.   Black Man in Europe is an impassioned prolegomenon, a prophecy, and a peradventure into the cafes, clubs, hostels, and trains of Europe.   But how much has really changed for a native son trying to find a home across the Atlantic?   Mr. Jones earnestly chronicles his impressions and experiences, leaving the readers to answer this question for her or his own self."   ~ Corey Olds, author of Gold Rush Blues

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