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Excerpts From My Soul...Read Without Prejudice

In his latest book, Nathan Jones decides to stretch the boundaries of literature.  Excerpts From My Soul:  Read Without Prejudice takes a gritty look at the world through the use of prose poetry, comelling short stories, vignettes, and comical introspections about the complexities of the world in the 21st century.

Black Man in Europe

What begins as a planned three month hiatus from a frustrating American culture turns into an odyssey of unexpected travels, adventures, friendships, and perceptive observations into the European way of life. 

Revolutionary Erotica - A Collection of Poetry

In Revolutionary Erotica, Nathan Jones, a native of New Orleans, uses poetryas a device to explore the possibilities of language by providing a voice to capture his unique experience as an African-American coming of age in the Bay Area.  

Black Man in Europe - Micro Volume

The Black Man in Europe micro volume consists of a selection of abridged chapters from the novel of the same name.