Excerpts From My Soul...Read Without Prejudice

The eagerly anticipated new release from Nathan Jones...

Excerpts From My Soul...Read Without Prejudice

In his eagerly anticipated new release, Nathan Jones decides to stretch the boundaries of literature.   Excerpts From My Soul...Read Without Prejudice takes a look at the world through the use of prose poetry, compelling short stories, vignettes, and comical introspections about the complexities of the world in the 21st century.


The world as we know it has changed, and Jones' intent is to massage the minds of mainstream America, giving the nation a surreal, yet realistic slice of what he views as necessary conversation which is isolated by the mainstream media.   The goal is to break bread on less excitable subject matter which many refuse to discuss and print because of a fear of censorship.



Reviews of books by Nathan Jones

  • Nathan Jones possesses an inimitable voice and doesn't mind taking emotional risks that many more talented writers fear.  For that he is to be celebrated. ~ Sally Anderson

  • "Mr. Jones writes with beautiful imagery, and intelligent word play.   He allows the reader to accompany him on his travels, and we are rewarded for the journey.   Black Man in Europe is passionate, poetic, and profound..."  ~ Naru Kwina, Hip Learning Project

  • "It is remarkable that Jones is a romantic in our age of postmodern slop."   ~ Harper's Ferry Telegraph

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