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"Speaking The Unspeakable and Printing The Unprintable"

Nathan Jones Book Signing - Alliance Francaise

The SajeTanira Group is a fast-growing publisher of books, headquartered in Oakland, California.   Created in 2003 by Nathan Anthony Jones, the SajeTanira Group is committed to publishing authors who speak the unspeakable and write the unprintable.   SajeTanira Publishing does not privilege any particular genre, rather, we promote artistic freedom and expression as the centerpiece of our vision.


SajeTanira CEO and Publisher Nathan Anthony Jones hails from the Jazz capital, a.k.a., The Big Easy. He exited his mother’s womb making waves the year Jimi freaked Woodstock 4 decades ago. He is a 7th Ward Bayou Bourbon Street Boogieing Baby born bubbly and bouncing to the African spiritual beats of the bamboulas and banzas of the Congo Square in New Orleans.  His poetry is cayenne pepper; spicy and feisty, political and social, reflective and eclectic and fulfilling like a hot bowl of gumbo and rice and a jar of homemade lemonade on a humid Southern summer afternoon.  Raised in Oakland, he is a poet, teacher, and author of several books: Excerpts From My Soul...Read Without Prejudice, Black Man in Europe, and Revolutionary Erotica.


As an author, Nathan understands that it is critical that writers have coaching, understanding and the best outlets possible for their work, and knows from personal experience that such care and attention may not be received from the mainstream publishing houses.   He created SajeTanira Publishing with the author and reader in mind; to provide talented but unknown writers with 21st century venues in which to be accessible and read by all, and possibly discovered by larger publishing houses or other entities seeking the skills of quality writers.



Black Man In Europe Excerpts From My Soul:  Read Without Prejudice Revolutionary Erotica:  A Collection of Poetry Black Man In Europe:  Micro Volume     

Upcoming Events

  • SajeTanira Publishing's newest book, Excerpts From My Soul:  Read Without Prejudice, the eagerly anticipated new release from internationally acclaimed author Nathan Jones!
  • Launch of SajeTanira Publishing's catalog on Amazon in softcover format - second editions of Revolutionary Erotica and Other Poems and Black Man in Europe
  • Introduction of the newest authors in the SajeTanira Publishing Family

Recent News


SajeTanira Publishing's catalog is now available on in eBook format!



Hear SajeTanira CEO, Publisher, and Author Nathan Jones' compelling interview on Black Man in Europe!



SajeTanira Publishing's catalog is now available on in Kindle format!  



SajeTanira Publishing's catalog is now available on in eBook format!